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Popularize the function of ventilation equipment!

What is ventilation? Ventilation is a very common thing. When the weather is fine, we push open the closed windows; when the toilet has peculiar smell, we turn on the exhaust fan; when there is haze, we use the air purifier, etc., all of which belong to ventilation, the difference is whether we use the natural way or use machinery to carry out indoor and outdoor air exchange.

How to install the industrial exhaust fan?

Before installing the industrial ventilator, it is necessary to determine the installation position. The confirmation of this position needs to pay attention to the use environment and see which part is the most suitable for specific installation, so as to achieve the best use effect of the industrial ventilator. During installation, pay attention to whether each fastener is installed tightly, so as to ensure the normal and safe operation of the air exchange fan.

Function and application of exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is a kind of air conditioner, which is driven by the motor to rotate the blades and drive the air flow to exchange air inside and outside the room. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of exhaust is to remove the dirty air in the room and adjust the temperature, humidity and feeling effect. Exhaust fans are widely used in homes and public places.
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